Council Members

Name Position Officer
Watershed Representatives
Jill Josselyn Sandy River Headwaters
Gerald Murphy Middle Sandy River
Dianna Pope Lower Sandy River
Alan L’Hommedieu Salmon River
Chris Gorsek Beaver Creek
Steve Rayne At Large #1
Scott Fogarty At Large #2 (Partner Org Rep)
Julie DiLeone At Large #3 (Local Govt Rep)
open At Large #4
open At Large #5
Government Representatives
Carl Exner City of Sandy  Chair
Bill Westbrook/ Greg Wanner USFS
Terry Black/ Steve Kucas City of Portland Treasurer
Cindy Kolomechuk At Large (Oregon Dept of Forestry) Vice Chair
Roy Iwai Multnomah County
Steve Hanschka/ Jay Wilson/ Rebecca Ceniga Clackamas County
Business Representatives
open Recreation
open Agriculture
open Forestry
Advisory Council
Duane Bishop  USFS
Clair Clock CCSWCD
Don Mench At Large

(L to R) Salmon River Representative Alan L’Hommedieu, Deputy County Administrator for Clackamas County Laurel Butman, Clackamas County Representative Jay Wilson, SRBWC Staff Corinne Handelman, SRBWC staff Steve Wise & daughter Hannah, City of Portland Representative Terry Black, SRBWC staff Bill Weiler, former Recreation Representative Matt Moreland, ODF Representative Cindy Kolomechuk, Multnomah County Representative Roy Iwai, Clackamas County Representative Steve Hanschka, and Clackamas County Commissioner Jim Bernard visiting Bull Run Lake

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