Free Sandy-versary Celebrated with Restoration Events

On Saturday, October 19th, the Council celebrated the 6-year anniversary of the Sandy River flowing free after the removal of the Marmot Dam in 2007.  Two events celebrated different stages and methods of restoration in the Sandy River Basin, including large-scale in stream construction and grassroots forest habitat enhancement.

HC Tour Group

The happy, Happy Creek tour participants

One event, led by Lower Sandy Project Coordinator Bill Weiler, brought members of the community to learn more about the completed Happy Creek side channel reconnection project in Oxbow Park as part of Metro’s Salmon Homecoming weekend.  This project provides a side channel to release energy from the Sandy River during high flow events, and creates valuable refugia for salmonid species. A group of 12 enjoyed this engaging tour, which gave an inside look at the process and results of large-scale restoration. To learn more about the completed Happy Creek restoration, visit our projects page.


Mazama planting

Mazamas hard at work planting trees

Also on October 19th, the Council partnered with the Mazamas to plant trees along a decommissioned Forest Service road.  This event was a triple threat of contributing to the Mazamas’ carbon offset goals, as well as our basin restoration objectives and the Forest Service’s road decommissioning initiative.   Our 17 volunteers planted around 400 Douglas Fir and Western Redcedar trees near the muddy fork of the upper Sandy River.  This riparian planting supports in-stream actions to recover wild salmon populations in priority reaches of the basin.

Mazama Group

Mazamas and SRBWC volunteers (photo courtesy of Walter Keutel)

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