Alma Pacheco Memorial Garden

Ivy slope work party in November 2017.

Alma Memorial Garden and English Ivy Removal Project

The Alma Pacheco Memorial Garden will be a naturescaped garden full of beautiful native plants. The garden will memorialize an important Mt. Hood Community College leader, Alma Pacheco, who passed away suddenly in December of 2016.

Alma Pacheco, was born in El Salvador, grew up in Portland, and was a student at Mt. Hood Community College from 2011 to 2015. During her time at MHCC, Alma held active positions in the campus community as a SOAR team member, co-chair of the M.E.Ch.A, and student body president. Alma left a lasting impact at the college that is remembered by those who knew her or benefitted from her work.

The Sandy River Basin Watershed Council is partnering with Mt. Hood Community College and the Transiciones/Transitions program (which Alma was a graduate of) to create the garden. These partners share common goals of wanting to remove invasive English ivy and utilize naturescaping to increase the accessibility of green infrastructure and water quality for nearby Beaver Creek. This cross cultural project provides the benefits of cleaner air, water, and beauty. It also directly ties into the MHCC campus wide clean water retrofit. The native plant garden will help sustainably manage storm-water runoff by filtering and absorbing storm water before it runs into nearby Beaver Creeks endangered Coho and Chinook salmon habitat.

The Alma Pacheco Memorial Garden and ivy removal project is mostly made possible by community volunteers. The Sandy River Basin Watershed Council and Transiciones/Transitions program are hosting ivy pull and native planting volunteer events throughout the Winter and Spring of 2017/2018.

Check back here for project updates, and check our calendar, Facebook, or contact us to get involved.