About the Council

The Sandy River Watershed Council is composed of people who live, work or recreate in the Sandy River Basin as well as organizations that have an interest in the area. The watershed council is a partnership: individuals and organizations work cooperatively to improve the health of the watershed for fish, wildlife and people. We coordinate our efforts with many private and public sector partners to produce the greatest benefits for the watershed. Founded by local residents in 1997, the watershed council is an independent, non-profit corporation. We believe that cooperative efforts and relationships will produce lasting benefits for everyone involved. Our habitat restoration projects and basic operations are funded by grants, matching funds from partners and contributions from community members.

Our mission?

To protect and restore the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the Sandy River basin.

What do we do?

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Watershed Council Members reviewing excavation plans.We work with private landowners and our other partners to improve conditions for salmon, steelhead and aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. To do this we plan and implement habitat restoration projects at high priority sites on rivers and creeks.
Volunteer boy scout troop helps to plant trees.We engage volunteers, community groups and youth employment programs in tree planting and other projects to improve water quality on private and public land.
Tour of Arrah Wanna side channel project with private land owners.We organize tours and workshops to raise public awareness and encourage people to take action to improve water quality
We work with community members, biologists and specialists from agencies and private organizations to assess conditions in the Sandy River Basin and identify high priority actions that will improve watershed health.

Watershed Council Meetings

The Watershed Council meets bimonthly on the 4th Monday unless there is a holiday. Unless otherwise noted on the calendar, join us upstairs from our offices at the Sandy Watershed Learning Center on the Mt. Hood Community College Gresham campus. Directions can be found on the “contact us” page. Meetings run from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and are open to everyone.

We welcome your participation.