Council Staff

Sara Ennis, Interim Executive Director


Sara joined the Council in 2016 with a background in watershed education and river restoration.  During early childhood camping trips to Oxbow Park, Sara swam in the Sandy till her lips turned blue and learned her first native plants along its banks.  Since those early days, Sara has worked for organizations like Outdoor School, Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica, Wolftree, USFWS, USFS, and City of Portland Street Tree Program and completed a Masters in Environmental Management at Portland State University.  As a part of the Council, Sara has been grateful for the opportunity to work on exciting projects, with great partners, all in a beautiful setting!

Katherine Cory, Development Director

Katherine is a Sandy River watershed resident and farm owner with a passion for the outdoors. She has been participating in watershed restoration efforts for 15 years across Oregon, engaging in salmon counts, water sampling, and trail building. Experienced in finance and accounting, she also has an educational background in forestry and wildlife management. Katherine is also a resident member of the Beaver Creek Conservation Partnership.

Bill Weiler, Education Coordinator

Bill is almost a “Sandy River Native” having lived in Sandy, Oregon and worked as the City of Sandy Parks and Recreation Director, Sandy Community School Director and Oxbow Park Supervisor.  Bill’s background is as a fish and wildlife biologist and environmental educator.

Bill is the co-founder of the environmental education non-profit, the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute, and he has authored several books, including “Don’t Run from Bears.”

Katelyn Hale, Community Engagement Specialist

katelyn's bio photo

Katelyn (she/her) is passionate about connecting local communities to the natural world around us. Equipped with loads of creativity and informed approaches about equity, ecology, and education, she creates meaningful and memorable community engagement projects. She holds a Master of Science from Portland State University in Leadership for Sustainability Education. Over the past 10 years, her experience--from big-picture planning of environmental communication plans, to managing the day-to-day operations of a farm-based, year-round youth employment program--gives her a unique perspective about what it takes to engage diverse communities. In her free time, Katelyn loves barbecuing for her friends, making zines, and backpacking in wilderness areas.

Anna Stifter, Executive Assistant

Anna in a field

Anna has been with the council since the spring of 2019. Anna breathes new life into the council by elevating many of our processes and systems. From supporting outreach and invasive species removal to grant and office management her passion and skills used to help the watershed seem limitless.