Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Information
Art by Jon Wagner

Beaver Creek starts as a spring near Dodge Park Blvd, and flows through farms and nurseries. It passes by houses in Gresham and Troutdale where smaller creeks, like Kelly Creek, flow into it. The creek then empties into the Sandy River near Glenn Otto Park.

The Beaver Creek watershed is the area of land where rain water flows towards the creek. It is home to salmon, salamanders, herons, eagles, otters, lamprey, people, and much more.
You can access Beaver Creek and its tributaries. Click on the links below to learn about some of the parks that you can visit to see and enjoy the creeks:

What's Happening in your Watershed?

There's so much happening in the Beaver Creek watershed. From volunteers restoring habitat at Glenn Otto park and Mount Hood Community College to Multnomah County's culvert re-construction projects that increase safe travel for native salmon and other important species. Click here to watch a video about the completed Stark Street culvert replacement, and click here to find information on the upcoming Cochran Road culvert project.

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