Get Involved

You can help the Sandy River!

The Sandy River is a gem close to a major metropolitan area. It merits thoughtful stewardship so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we do. The area is home to thriving communities, endangered salmon and many popular recreation sites.

The Sandy River Watershed Council works with landowners, community groups, businesses and local governments to restore habitat, and maintain and improve water quality in the Sandy River and its tributaries. We are local people working together to make decisions and take action because we care about the rivers, communities and the land.

You can be part of our efforts:

As a landowner

  • You can work with the Council to restore habitat on your land. We can help you get rid of invasive plants and replace them with native plants you’ll enjoy.
  • You can grow trees along your creek to reduce erosion and decrease water temperature.
  • Maintaining your septic system will prevent pollution of domestic wells and groundwater.
  • Report invasive species to your local Soil & Water Conservation District to jump-start treatment and removal (in Clackamas County or East Multnomah County).

As a volunteer

  • You can help us plant trees, remove invasive plants, put salmon carcasses in the river to increase nutrients for young salmon, or make presentations to school and community groups. Throughout the year we do projects on private and public land. We need your help!
  • To join us as a volunteer, contact our community stewardship coordinator or fill out our online form.

As a contributor

  • Your financial support helps fund important habitat restoration projects such as tree planting and removing blackberries that shade out native plants. Your contribution helps us buy trees, tools and other supplies necessary for our volunteers.
  • Our funding comes entirely from individual contributions, grants, matching funds or in-kind support.
  • Your contribution is tax deductible. [Tax ID # 93-1294148].

Please join our efforts today.