Salmon Stronghold
Habitat Restoration


Our recent focus on vegetation and in-stream habitat restoration has been within specific reaches of our upper watershed- along Salmon River and Still Creek. Through this project, we have created partnerships with local neighbors, the Freshwater Trust, BLM, the US Forest Service, and Project YESS among others. Our goal is to repair these target river reaches with key salmon spawning habitat and establish a healthy native riparian community.

Series of large wood placement

Individual aspects of this project included six side-channel inlet activations completed in 2013, placement of large wood to increase pool complexity and emulate natural in-stream structures, removal of invasive species in riparian corridors, and replanting the stream banks with native vegetation. An intact riparian corridor ensures cooler water temperatures, prevents erosion, and maintains ecosystem functioning. The in-stream work creates higher value spawning habitat including pools and riffles in an already productive area of the upper Sandy basin.

Newly planted Douglas Fir tree

We finished our associated riparian plantings in this project and collecting native seeds with Project YESS for future plantings in 2014 and followed up these partner efforts by conducting invasive plant monitoring and removal in 2013 and 2014.